Long Sleeve Waffle Knit Cardigan – Cozy and Stylish – Customer Reviews

With a rating of 4.5 out of 5 and over 1,100 reviews, it’s clear that this product has caught the interest of many shoppers. In this review, we will explore some personal experiences and opinions shared by customers who have purchased and worn this cardigan.

One reviewer mentioned that the cardigan was longer than expected, extending around 3-4 inches beyond what was seen in the photo. They felt that a shorter length would have been more flattering. Additionally, the fabric was described as stretchy but not plush. Despite these observations, the reviewer found the sizing to be accurate and was undecided about keeping the cardigan.

On the other hand, another reviewer expressed their delight in the softness and coziness of the sweater. They compared it to wearing a blanket and even ordered it in another color due to their satisfaction. This reviewer also mentioned that they have had positive experiences with other products from the same brand, emphasizing their durability over time. The only downside mentioned was the initial wrinkling of the cardigan upon arrival, but the issue was easily resolved with a steamer.

Another customer highlighted the versatility of this cardigan, noting that it was perfect for casual wear and had the added convenience of pockets. They appreciated being able to wear it for everyday activities without needing to change. This reviewer found the cardigan to be exactly what they were looking for.

Long Sleeve Waffle: Longer than expected.

Long Sleeve Waffle

Mentioned by some customers, the MEROKEETY Women’s 2023 Long Sleeve Waffle Knit Cardigan appears longer than in the photo. While this may not be an issue for everyone, it is something to consider if you prefer a shorter length. The fabric of the cardigan is described as stretchy but not plush, providing a comfortable fit. Overall, opinions on the length of the cardigan vary, and it may be a personal preference whether or not to keep it.

Super soft and cozy.

Long Sleeve Waffle

Its softness and coziness make the MEROKEETY Women’s 2023 Long Sleeve Waffle Knit Cardigan stand out. Many customers have praised the cardigan for feeling like a warm blanket and have even ordered it in multiple colors. The fabric is gentle on sensitive skin and does not cause any irritation. The only minor inconvenience mentioned is that the cardigan arrives wrinkled due to being vacuum-sealed, but this can be easily fixed with a steamer.

Long Sleeve Waffle: Everyday Style!

Long Sleeve Waffle

If you’re looking for a lightweight and versatile sweater, the MEROKEETY Women’s 2023 Long Sleeve Waffle Knit Cardigan is the perfect choice. It is described as flattering and cozy, making it an ideal choice for casual everyday wear. The addition of pockets adds convenience, allowing you to carry small items while running errands. Overall, customers have found this cardigan to be the perfect complement to their casual look.

The Perfect Cardigan Does Exist!

Long Sleeve Waffle

Customers are full of praise for the MEROKEETY Women’s 2023 Long Sleeve Waffle Knit Cardigan. It has become a go-to item for many, whether they need an extra layer of warmth, a stylish addition to an outfit, or simply a comfortable garment for lounging at home. The waffle weave texture of the cardigan provides stretch and comfort, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin. The availability of various colors and the practicality of front pockets make it a must-have wardrobe staple.

Perfect for chilly days.

Long Sleeve Waffle

Praised for its perfect fit and functionality, the MEROKEETY Women’s 2023 Long Sleeve Waffle Knit Cardigan is highly regarded. It offers enough length to cover the bum, providing added warmth. The patch-style pockets are a hit among customers, as they are spacious enough to hold small items while still allowing room for your hand. This attention to detail ensures that the cardigan is not only stylish but also practical for everyday use.

Long Sleeve Waffle: Nice shape.


True to size and well-fitting, the MEROKEETY Women’s 2023 Long Sleeve Waffle Knit Cardigan has impressed customers. It provides a nice shape and offers a length that covers the backside. Some customers initially ordered a size up based on the size guide but found that the smaller size was a better fit. This indicates that the cardigan runs true to size, and it is recommended to consult the size chart for accurate measurements.

Don’t miss out on this!

Customers who appreciate its inclusive sizing and oversized fit have given high praise to the MEROKEETY Women’s 2023 Long Sleeve Waffle Knit Cardigan. It has proven to be a hit among plus-sized individuals with longer arms, as it offers the desired oversized look and comfortable sleeves. This cardigan has garnered compliments and inquiries about where to purchase it. If you are hesitant about ordering online, rest assured that this cardigan is worth it and won’t disappoint.


  • Longer than expected – The cardigan is longer than it appears in the photo, providing extra coverage and a flattering silhouette.
  • Super soft and cozy – The sweater is made from a soft and cozy fabric that feels like wearing a blanket, perfect for staying warm during colder days.
  • Everyday style – The cardigan is lightweight and versatile, making it suitable for everyday wear. It features pockets for added convenience and can easily transition from casual to dressy.


  • Wrinkled upon arrival – Some customers have mentioned that the cardigan arrives wrinkled due to being vacuum-sealed. However, a quick steam or iron can easily remove the wrinkles.
  • Fabric not plush – While the fabric is stretchy and comfortable, it may not have a plush or luxurious feel.
  • Sizing inconsistency – There have been mixed reviews regarding sizing, with some customers finding it true to size while others recommend sizing down for a better fit.


    Overall, the MEROKEETY Women’s Long Sleeve Waffle Knit Cardigan has received positive feedback from customers. While there were some mixed opinions regarding length and fabric, many reviewers expressed their satisfaction with the softness, comfort, and versatility of the cardigan. If you’re in need of a cozy and stylish addition to your wardrobe, this cardigan may be worth considering.

    Questions & Answers:

    Question: Is the cardigan true to size?

    Answer: According to most customers, the cardigan fits true to size. However, there have been a few reviews mentioning sizing inconsistencies, so it’s recommended to check the size guide or consider sizing down for a better fit.

    Question: Is the fabric soft and comfortable?

    Answer: Yes, the fabric of the cardigan is described as super soft and cozy. It feels like wearing a blanket and is comfortable to wear throughout the day.

    Question: Does the cardigan come with pockets?

    Answer: Yes, the cardigan features pockets, which are convenient for carrying small items or keeping your hands warm.

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